Estes Starter Packages

Explore Science and Technology through a model rocketry program at your camp or school. All you need is a room to construct and paint your rockets and an open area about the size of a baseball field to launch and recover your rocket.  

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Best Selling Alpha Starter Package #21756

Skill 1 / Length 12.3'' /  Laser cut balsa fins / 12'' parachute
It takes 2-3 hours to build, paint and fly.  A great week long program!


  • 24 Alpha rockets

  • 24 A8-3 engines/30 igniters/wadding

  • complete launch equipment.

  • (All you need is paint and glue)

Retail Price:  $360.96  

Rocket Age Price: $270.72 (Plus Shipping)

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Quick Build

UP Aerospace SpaceLoft Starter Package #21793

Skill 0 / Length: 12.5'' / Plastic Fin Unit / Streamer Recovery
Perfect for younger students (ages 8-10), Scout and 4H groups.  
Takes 1-2 hours to build with no painting required.  


  • 24 Spaceloft rockets with plastic fin units

  • 24 1/2A3-4T engines (mini engines), 30 igniters, wadding

  • Complete launch equipment.

Retail Price= $226.76
Rocket Age Price= $170.07 (Plus Shipping)